• We want to create a business we can be proud of. Our vision is to become the leading independent specialist provider of consumer focused breakdown insurance products for home electrical appliances.

    To make this happen, we need brilliant people, who inspire and deliver change all around them. So that’s why we’re always looking for talented, ambitious and enthusiastic people to come and join us.

    Our style is to work hard, and to make sure that everyone gets to share in our success. We believe in developing our people and giving generous rewards to our hard workers. Making everyone feel part of the Home Appliance Guard family is important, and it's one of the main reasons why we organise quarterly social events to bring everyone together.

  • We value our staff and customers by:

    Developing People

    We strongly believe in developing our people so that they can build a successful career with us.

    Doing the right thing

    We manage our business with integrity keeping our promises to our customers and our colleagues.


    By letting you know how we are doing we can all strive towards a common goal.


    Whether we play a large or small role we achieve our objectives, whilst also having fun.

    Career opportunities

    When it comes to people at Home Appliance Guard, our vision is simple – we want to be the most motivated, high performing team in the UK. We have lots of talented people here at Home Appliance Guard and we are always looking for more great people to join us on the ride.

  • We have found that people who do really well at Home Appliance Guard tend to have strengths in some specific areas. We look for evidence of these at every stage of our recruitment process, from CV screening to the final meeting with a member of the Senior Management team, or if you are joining our sales force your final stage will be on the job evaluation with your manager present. We will also test the more specific skills that will make you great at the job you are applying for. These will vary from role to role and you will probably be able to pick most of them out of the job description.

    Some of the key areas that we test in everyone who comes to interview are:

    Overall performance

    At Home Appliance Guard we look for people who can take on board all sorts of information and put it into practice. We are regulated by the FCA and it is very important to us to remain compliant and treat our customers fairly. We look for people who are confident, reliable, enjoy talking to people, resilient and want to be rewarded for what they achieve.

    Great leadership

    These people excel in setting and communicating clear direction. These are individuals who identify opportunities for improvement and lead their team through the ups and downs that follow. This is by no means the sole responsibility of our managers - everyone shares in the responsibility from day one.

    Delivers results

    These people consistently deliver outstanding results themselves and through others. They are tenacious in the face of obstacles and rarely take no for an answer.

    Raises their game

    People who raise their game are curious and interested, always searching for ways to be better versions of themselves. These people are the first to give and receive constructive feedback, adapting to change and learning quickly.